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Remembering Mary Pratt

Eggs in an Egg Crate, Glassy Apples, This is Donna, Eviscerated Chickens, Jelly Shelf — these paintings by Mary Pratt are etched in our national psyche. Her iconic images elevated the mundane to the monumental. There is luminescence – everywhere there is light, spilling over, out of, and into the work. And there is Pratt’s own off-kilter aesthetic that sometimes put the viewer on edge.

Mary Pratt’s journey through this life illuminated the quotidian, the everyday, and the familiar. Her minute readings of everyday moments, her desire to slow life down, her ability to capture a moment of truth, were transformed into works of extraordinary beauty and colour. 


Mary Pratt 
March 15, 1935 – August 14, 2018

Canadian Art Contemporary Art Mary Pratt

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