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Poetry Month: "Transition"

April is National Poetry Month, and to mark the occasion we'll be sharing some of our favourite poems from collections we've published over the years. Today's poem is "Transition" by Ali Blythe from the collection Hymnswitch.

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by Ali Blythe

 It’s this not knowing
when the guest will leave
and you are the guest.

Not quite knowing where
to sit, the couch? Or how
often to clean or cook before

it’s more a chore
for your host
who seems to be a horse

with eyes that narrow
in the wide open of your stay.
I’ve not once mentioned

a higher power and now
here is this horse. Her coat
is the colour of how much

night is required to see
the barely glowing light switch
I speak to from bed.

Please tell me,
where can we go from here?
And look, if I knew

where I left my
light jacket
I’d put it on already.

A man is going crazy
because he has seen
a colour no one else has

but there is no way
to prove it exists
for no one but him.

It is the colour of my jacket,
I’m certain. I’m going to need it.
It’s almost spring.

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