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Out of the Blue

For twenty years, Jan Wong had been one of the Globe and Mail's best-known reporters. Then one day she turned in a story that set off a firestorm of controversy, including death threats, a unanimous denunciation by Parliament, and a rebuke by her own newspaper. For the first time in her professional life, Wong fell into a severe clinical depression. Yet she resisted the diagnosis, refusing to believe she had a mental illness. As it turned out, so did her company and insurer. Jan Wong wrote about her experience in Out of the Blue.

Self-published in 2012 because publishers were afraid of the backlash from the author's criticism of the biggest newspaper in Canada, Jan Wong's formidable memoir made the Globe and Mail's own bestseller list and exposed a much-needed look at depression in the workplace. Out of the Blue is the harrowing and sometimes surreal story of her struggle and her eventual emergence — out of the blue.

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