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What happened this week? (in book news, obviously)

Literary News, June 16, 2017

Books of the summer: Books you really should consider for the summer months, including Goose Lane selections! (from Atlantic Books Today)

We love this! New York City Turns Subways Into Underground Libraries, With Free Books to Read During Your Commute (from NBC New York)

Well it’s about time!!!!! A linguist celebrates the exclamation point! (from NPR)

11 Disastrous Literary Vacations: Before we pack up for summer vacations, remember these eleven vacations that went horribly wrong but made for timeless fiction (from Electric Lit)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

CanLit, for the win: Four Canadian authors have won 2017 Lambda Literary Awards, of the 13 nominated this year (from Quill & Quire)

Atwood, for another win: Margaret Atwood becomes a PEN Center USA lifetime achievement honoree (from Los Angeles Times)

Interesting isn’t all that interesting: Examining an overreliance on a word that says not much at all (from Lithub)

Authors roundtable: how Canadian food writing has come into its own (from Quill & Quire)

Even The Old Ones have feelings: Stephen King compares Cthulhu to Donald Trump, says Trump’s ‘hairdo’ hides his tentacles, Cthulhu responds (from National Post)

More fun than the real thing? The Daily Show opens the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, made up exclusively of pop-up books (from Los Angeles Times)

Doctor Who, Eh? Free Libraries Shaped Like Doctor Who’s Time-Traveling TARDIS Pop Up in Saskatoon & Other Cities (from Open Culture)

 TARDIS Little Library

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