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With our thoughts on future leaders and new ideas, this month’s curated collection features the stories of impactful businesses, the people who built them, and leaders past and present. 

The newly released Peace by Chocolate: The Hadhad Family’s Remarkable Journey from Syria to Canada tells the story of one such business, and the family whose experience has become an integral part of it. Peace by Chocolate is a chocolatier based in Antigonish, NS, with a legacy that began in Syria. The author, Jon Tattrie, tells the true story of how the Hadhad family went from refugees to one of Antigonish’s major employers, their chocolates selling across Canada.

Thank you for being such an extraordinary example of the kind of strength and leadership and engagement that comes with bringing new people to Canada.

Along with the Hadhad story comes another tale of small-town brilliance. Unicorn in the Woods by award-winning author Gordon Pitts. In his newest book, Pitts journeys back to the origins of Radian6 and Q1 Labs — two New Brunswick companies that sold for a combined $1 billion. In the basements and offices of a group of geeks and dreamers. Pitts tells the story of these two remarkable companies, their continuing legacies, and how these companies charted a direction for innovative thinking outside of large urban centers.

The behind-the-scenes skinny on one of the most compelling Atlantic Canadian business sagas in recent memory. Gordon Pitts provides entrepreneurs with a roadmap for what is possible when ambition and smarts meet opportunity, regardless of geography.
— John DeMont, author of The Long Way Home

Also in this month’s collection: Ron Buist’s national bestseller Tales from Under the Rim, how Tim Hortons, a Canadian hockey player’s doughnut shop, became one of Canada's leading franchise operations; Diana Rees and Ronald Rees’s Grace Helen Mowat and the Making of Cottage Craft, the story of how Grace Helen Mowat built Cottage Craft into a burgeoning home-grown business that continues to attract customers the world over 100 years later; and many more tales of life and business.

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