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Mongolian Chronicles Long Listed for the RBC Taylor Prize

Congratulations to Allen Smutylo on his being long listed for the RBC Taylor Prize for his book: The Mongolian Chronicles.  

The Taylor is the first prize for which The Mongolian Chronicles, published in October 2019, has been eligible. It’s a compelling story, brilliantly written and illustrated by the writer. An exhibition of Smutylo’s paintings, from his Mongolian travels, is currently running at the Skwirl Gallery in London, Ontario.  Another exhibition of new paintings is scheduled for the Mira Goddard Gallery in Toronto from April 16 to May 29, 2020.

Smutylo's book was chosen among twelve others to be long listed for the prize out of 155 titles submitted for the award. The shortlist will be announced 8 January, 2020, and the winner will be announced 2 March, 2020. The winner of the RBC Taylor Prize receives $30,000. 

The Mongolian Chronicles recounts a story of this untamed world, seen through the eyes of artist, writer, and traveller Allen Smutylo. Smutylo lived with seven eagle hunters and their families for several weeks over two years, affording him rare insight into a disappearing culture. His extraordinary narrative is set within the context of Mongolia's turbulent past — the long shadow cast by the empire of Genghis Khan, the deprivations of early twentieth century warlords-cum-mystics — and its protean present, where ancient customs and shamanistic beliefs exist among an increasingly urbanized people.


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