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We’d like to thank all our amazing readers for making James Mullinger’s book, Brit Happens, a bestseller. To celebrate, we are offering a limited-edition Brit Happens* T-shirt and Book Bundle – available exclusively through

Photo of a book, Brit Happens, sitting on top of a folded Brit Happens* t-shirt.

If you’ve seen Brit Happens, you’ve seen this T-shirt, which James is sporting on the cover. And yes, it’s super soft, 100% cotton, and available (in limited quantities) in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large.

If you’re headed to any of James’s tour stops — in New Brunswick in August or in British Columbia in November, now is the perfect time to pick up a Brit Happens* T-shirt.   

Purchase a Brit Happens* T-Shirt and Book Bundle for $45.

Thank you for making Brit Happens a bestseller, thank you for sharing your favourite parts of the book, and thank you for your continued support of one of our favourite comedians!

T-shirts are available only while supplies last. (Discounts do not apply.)

The Buzz about Brit Happens:

“James Mullinger is my favourite comedian friend who has relocated from England to New Brunswick. And I’m not just saying that because he is the only one. Brit Happens is a great glimpse inside the mind of a British man who becomes more Canadian seemingly by the minute and who might just appreciate the magic of the Canadian Maritimes even more than born and bred Atlantic Canadians. Which I realize might be fighting words to Atlantic Canadians. So, fight him if you want to, I guess. But you’ll be fighting one of your own.” — Steve Patterson

“The East Coast won the comedy jackpot when James Mullinger decided to make the Maritimes his home. On top of being a brilliant storyteller, James makes me laugh until my stomach hurts.” — Alyse Hand

Brit Happens is not just a comedian’s memoir, but also doubles as a handbook to how a comedian can survive in such a difficult — yet sometimes lucrative — way of making a living. So let James Mullinger be your guide to how you can do what you enjoy and conquer the impossible . . . yet be ready to pay those dues on that journey.” — Montreal Times

A photo of James Mullinger reading his book, Brit Happens, with an ear-to-ear grin.

Photo credit: Tyler Warren Ellis

See James Mullinger Live:

August 11: James Mullinger & Ethan Ash live at Yip Cider Dome in Kingston Peninsula

August 13: James Mullinger & Friends live at the Kingsbrae Amphitheatre in St. Andrews

November 17: James Mullinger Live at Venables Theatre In Oliver

November 18: James Mullinger Live at Creekside Theatre in Lake Country

November 19: James Mullinger Live at Salmar Classic Theatre in Salmon Arm

Banner photo credit: Tyler Warren Ellis

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