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July Newsletter: Welcome Back

Welcome Back to the Great Outdoors

As national parks begin to open (some even waiving their visitor fees), the call of the great outdoors is stronger than ever! It is the perfect time to get out and experience all that nature has to offer.

At Goose Lane, we have always loved providing you with up-to-date hiking and trail guides. Now more than ever, we are pleased to be able to share with you our impressive collection of nature books, offering fresh perspectives on a variety of wild spaces.

Travel down New Brunswick’s very own Restigouche with the words of Philip Lee in the newly released Restigouche: The Long Run of the Wild River.

“A brilliant work; a living, breathing and truly unforgettable account of the great Restigouche River by a master chronicler of our natural world.”
      — David Adams Richards, author of Lines on the Water: A Fisherman’s Life on the Miramichi

Explore the pages of Benoit Lalonde’s Waterfalls of Nova Scotia before setting off to see the unveiled, natural gems for yourself.

Not ready to break out the canoe and hiking boots? Why not contemplate the natural landscapes of Prince Edward Island through the words of Brent MacLaine’s poetry in These Fields Were Rivers or prepare yourself with Gordon Snow’s Safe and Sound: How Not to get Lost in the Woods and How to Survive if You Do.

This month we are highlighting the best of the best for our nature lovers and soon-to-be nature enthusiasts! With summer upon us, we just can’t help ourselves. Keep an eye on our blog posts, check out our shelves for your needed wilderness guide, or follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram for news of the bookish kind. It has never felt better to be back in the great outdoors.

P.S.: In the event that you haven’t noticed, we’re now offering free shipping in Canada on orders of $35 or more.

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