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It’s the end of Pride Month but not the end of our championing of Queer Lit. Though June serves as an opportune time both to reflect on the history of LGBTQ2S+ activism and to celebrate community and individual accomplishments, let’s continue to talk about and share Queer Lit!

For those who participated in our #GetQueerLit challenge, we want to thank you! There were some wonderful reading suggestions shared. You can find a few of them right here:

  • The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson
  • Body Count by Kyla Jamieson
  • Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas
  • The Gospel of Breaking by Jillian Christmas
  • Hollywood Notebook by Wendy C. Ortiz
  • Homintern: How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World by Gregory Woods
  • My Art is Killing Me and Other Poems by Amber Dawn
  • Queer Edward II by Derek Jarman
  • Queer Monologues: Stories of LGBT Youth
  • Renaissance Normcore by Adele Barclay
  • Ritual Lights by Joelle Barron
  • These are not the potatoes of my youth by Matthew Walsh
  • This Wound is a World by Billy Ray Belcourt
  • We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby

Discover more by searching the hashtag #GetQueerLit and feel free to continue sharing your reading recommendations year-round. What’s the point in a wonderful story unless you share it?

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