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Cozy Up at the Purrfect Cup

Lovers of cats and literature enjoyed a cozy Saturday afternoon at Fredericton’s cat café with warm drinks, purring cats, and a whimsical reading by Amber McMillan from her latest book, The Running Trees.  

Amber read sections from two of her stories: “Missing Feathers,” a conversation (nearing on argument) that takes place between two sisters after one asks for the pen, and “Pluto of Happiness,” in which a long-haired feline contemplates existence and consciousness with his less-than-intrigued cohabitant, Oreo. In a room full of cats, that story definitely hit home, especially since one of the cats fit the description of the disinterested Oreo to a T.

Completely tuckered out from the day’s visitors, many of the cats curled up on laps and dozed off as the crowd laughed along with Amber’s reading. And come time for the signing, one kitten showed her love by napping on the author’s copy. After a quick sip from Amber’s water glass of course.

The Purrfect Cup is selling copies of The Running Trees through the holiday season, and there are a few copies there that have been signed by the author as an extra special gift. Head there soon! If you’re not in the area, you can get a copy at your nearest bookstore or can order from us online at

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