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Constant Nobody Unravelled

You saw its trailer, celebrated its pub day, and now it’s nearly time for its launch! Join us on March 25 with Michelle Butler Hallett and Tyler Enfield for Constant Nobody’s virtual launch.

You can click here to RSVP or find the livestream link by clicking here.

It’s been a thrilling adventure to get here, but don’t worry if you’ve missed any of our stops along the way; you can find it all here, from readings to interviews and more.

Left: Constant Nobody book cover. Right: Michelle Butler Hallett author photo.

Photo Credit: David Hallett

We know it’s always a toss-up between should I read the book first, or shouldn’t I? Luckily, there’s no wrong answer. We do love an informed viewer, brimming with questions, but what’s more exciting than buying a book fresh at the launch? Well, you can always enjoy a happy medium by listening in on Michelle’s pre-recorded readings from the book:

Butler Hallett Constant Nobody 1 Opening

Butler Hallett Constant Nobody 2 Bilbao Docks

Butler Hallett Constant Nobody 3 Dessert Party

These will give you a better taste for the book, but if you’re worried about spoilers or maybe just interested in the book’s historical factors, there’s always Michelle’s curated Pinterest board. You can check it out by clicking here. It’s chock-full of background knowledge from name pronunciations, details on historical figures, and even a video showcasing the kind of self-defence Temerity would use. Scroll through and get engrossed in the world of Constant Nobody.

A book, Constant Nobody, sits atop a web of string connecting several black and white photos and one colour illustration.

As you explore, be sure to hold onto any unanswered questions. Michelle will be happy to answer them at the launch. We already have one for her: has she gotten a new tattoo for Constant Nobody yet?

Want more? You can always explore what Constant Nobody’s been up to in media. Just this month Constant Nobody was featured in the Toronto Star, and Michelle was interviewed by Christy Ann Conlin. Check out the Toronto Star feature by clicking here and read the interview by clicking here.

In other exciting news, Michelle Butler Hallett’s companion for the launch, Tyler Enfield, just won a Spur Award for his fiction novel Like Rum-Drunk Angels. At the launch, Michelle and he will get at the heart of writing genre fiction and discuss researching their novels. We hope to see you there!

A graphic with two book covers, Constant Nobody and Like Rum-Drunk Angels. Text reads: Constant Nobody Book Lanch / Michelle Butler Hallett in conversation with Tyler Enfield / Thursday 25 March 2021 / 7 p.m. NST (6:30 p.m. AST) / visit

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