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Coming in September

Fall release season is just around the corner at Goose Lane Editions, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the diverse and vital titles that we have the pleasure to publish. This fall, we have works that examine the reality of global inequities, capture a world affected by COVID, and revisit one of the biggest art fraud cases in the country. These are the books that have made us laugh and made us cry. We can’t wait for all of our amazing readers to experience them with us.

New Fiction

Because of Nothing at All

Because of Nothing at All by Paul Sunga, releasing September 6, 2022

Near the Kenya-Sudan border, a team of international health program evaluators are abducted and force marched under a desert moon. Their pasts and presents — and those of their abductors — unravel before them. Because of Nothing at All is a story of choices, identity, and wealth, and a vividly compelling novel depicting the inequities of a world gone awry.

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Some Hellish

Some Hellish by Nicholas Herring, releasing September 13, 2022

Herring is a hapless lobster fisher lost in an unexceptional life. During the spring lobster season, he finds himself caught in a storm front and falls overboard miles from the harbour. Lost at sea for days, Herring is assumed to be drowned. And then, he is found, miraculously, alive. Having come so near to death, he is forced to confront the things he fears the most: love, friendship, belief, and himself.

Pre-order Some Hellish here.

New Poetry

Icarus, Falling of Birds & Icare, chute d'oiseaux

Icarus, Falling of Birds by Harry Thurston & Thaddeus Holownia, releasing on September 6, 2022.

In September of 2013, thousands of migratory songbirds perished after being lured like moths to a flame to a hundred-foot-high flare at the Canaport Liquefied Natural Gas plant in Saint John, New Brunswick. Icarus, Falling of Birds pairs the photography of Thaddeus Holownia with the poetry of Harry Thurston to memorialize this fateful event. Holownia's photographs of the burned and damaged bodies of the birds are perpetually falling on the page while Thurston recounts their great migration.

Pre-order Icarus, Falling of Birds here.

Icare, chute d'oiseaux par Harry Thurston, Thaddeus Holownia & Sonya Malaborza, disponible le 6 Septembre, 2022.

En septembre 2013, des milliers d’oiseaux chanteurs en migration sont attirés comme des papillons de nuit par la torchère de Canaport Liquefied Natural Gas, à Saint-Jean, au Nouveau-Brunswick. C’est l’hécatombe. Icare, chute d’oiseaux réunit les photographies de Holownia et la poésie de Thurston. Les oiseaux, brisés et brûlés, tombent sans fin d’une page à l’autre, en regard des vers de Thurston qui racontent le voyage tragique de ces migrateurs.

Pré-commandez Icare, chute d'oiseaux ici.

The End Is in the Middle

The End Is in the Middle by Daniel Scott Tysdal, releasing September 27, 2022 

Daring in form and unflinching in its gaze, Daniel Scott Tysdal’s latest poetry collection examines madness as lived experience and artistic method. Taking inspiration from Al Jaffee’s illustrated fold-ins in MAD magazine, Tysdal explores living with mental illness through a new kind of poetry: the fold-in poem.

Photo of a fold-in poem.

Pre-order The End Is in the Middle here.

The Program

The Program by Megan Fennya Jones, releasing September 27, 2022.

In this powerful, intimate collection, a young woman travels between Paris and New York to pursue a career in modelling. Alternating between the world of fashion, where “it’s no longer enough / that the sample size fits,” and the eponymous Program, a place to “discover / what’s underneath,” Jones’s debut collection pulls the reader deep into the realms of psychiatric care and romantic relationships and probes a long tradition of female suffering.

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New Non-Fiction

Shadows and Light

Shadows and Light: A Physician’s Lens on COVID by
Heather Patterson, MD, releasing on September 6, 2022.

When the pandemic began in March 2020, Calgary emergency physician Heather Patterson was already feeling burnt out. Photography had always been a way of unwinding for her, and as the pandemic gathered speed, Patterson decided to begin chronicling it. Shadows and Light presents a selection of Patterson’s images, taking readers to the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and giving them an illuminating, behind-the scenes view of the real impact of the virus and the heroic front-line workers who have been fighting it for over two years.

Photo of Shadows and Light lying open on a blank surface.

Pre-order Shadows and Light here.

Touch Anywhere to Begin

Touch Anywhere to Begin by Mark Anthony Jarman, releasing
September 20, 2022.

From acclaimed author Mark Anthony Jarman comes Touch Anywhere to Begin, his first book of travel writing since the publication of the critically acclaimed Ireland’s Eye in 2002. In 18 unusual, head-spinning essays, Jarman penetrates the impressionistic moments and intimacies of travel to reveal character and place.

Pre-order Touch Anywhere to Begin here.

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