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Books as Halloween Costumes

Scrounging for a Halloween costume? Well, here’s what we think a few of our books would dress up as — if they had the chance.

Will Starling by Ian Weir

Grave robbing, murder, and unholy conspiracy steeped in scientific lore . . . well if this doesn’t give you freaky Frankenstein’s monster vibes, we don’t know what will. 

Will is helping his mentor build a medical practice — and a life — in the rough Cripplegate area in London. To do so requires an alliance with the Doomsday Men: body snatchers that supply surgeons and anatomists with human cadavers.

Inked by Joe Dator

A simple-yet-effective costume, if Inked was going out for Halloween it would definitely be wearing tattoo sleeves. But the real question, does Joe Dator even have tattoos? We can promise you this: he has AT LEAST one. The book has the full story though.

How can a spark of imagination be turned into a laugh-out-loud moment with only a single image and caption, while other attempts find themselves on the cutting-room floor?

I am Herod by Richard Kelly Kemick

Why anyone would dress up as Jesus for Halloween is beyond us, but if there was ever a book to do it, it’d be this one.

On a whim, armchair atheist Richard Kelly Kemick joins the 100-plus cast of The Canadian Badlands Passion Play, North America's largest production of its kind and one of the main tourist attractions in Alberta. By the time closing night is over, Kemick has a story to tell. 

Into the Current by Jared Young

A good old windswept look is perfect for a book about a guy falling thousands of feet towards the merciless Earth (don’t worry, it’s a funny novel).

Time stops, the wreckage of the plane freezes in place, postponing the inevitable end, and Daniel finds that he can transport himself back into his past. Re-experiencing his memories in real time, but helpless to change the present, he plunges into the detritus of his all-but-concluded life.

Too Dumb for Democracy?  by David Moscrop

If we know anything about this book — and we do — it would surely dress itself up as its own creator, David Moscrop. During quarantine. Never lose the beard or plaid, David! 

In an era overshadowed by income inequality, environmental catastrophes, terrorism at home and abroad, and the decline of democracy, Moscrop argues that the political decision-making process has never been more important. In fact, our survival may depend on it.


Happy Halloween Book Lovers!

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