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A few tips from The Best of The Great Trail author Michael Haynes for your winter adventures

  1. Always check the weather forecast, but be prepared for a sudden, unexpected snowstorm.
  2. Start very early. The days are much shorter in winter, so carry a headlamp in case you end up hiking your final kilometre after sunset.
  3. "Dress like an onion." Wearing layers will help you manage your body heat in order to minimize sweat. Evaporating sweat lowers your body temperature too quickly on a cold day. I remove my toque when I overheat, and put it back on once my bald spot feels cold.
  4. Start with short distances. Hiking in snow can be slow and fatiguing. Once you understand your body's response to winter hiking, you can increase the length of your hikes.
  5. Snowshoes or crampons are excellent for winter hiking and dramatically improve mobility in snow and ice. I usually carry both, and switch back and forth as required.

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