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The Age of Confession/L'Âge de la confession
The Age of Confession/L'Âge de la confession

The Age of Confession/L'Âge de la confession

Stories shape the world, imposing order on chaos, and the stories we tell declare: I exist. Neil Bissoondath presses these assertions about narrative further. Stories are also, he says, forms of confession. Each time we tell a story, we reveal a little about our experiences, dreams, fears, desires, and fantasies. Unlike governments, which try to control and simplify narrative, fiction writers use narrative expansively, for exploration and discovery. Questions are numerous; answers are rare. Fiction is confessional; born of the writer's own visions, terrors, and obsessions, it is unique in its ability to affirm human existence and confirm human complexity.

The Age of Confession is the first Northrop Frye-Antonine Maillet Lecture, sponsored by the Université de Moncton. It was presented on April 29, 2006, in Moncton, New Brunswick, during the Northrop Frye International Literary Festival.

Neil Bissoondath is the author of the controversial Selling Illusions: The Cult of Multiculturalism in Canada. His six works of fiction have won the Canadian Authors Association Fiction Award and the Hugh MacLennan Prize and been finalists for the Governor General's Award, the Guardian Fiction Award (UK), and the Prix Femina/étranger (France). He teaches creative writing at Université; Laval.

"One of Canada's most celebrated writers." — Ottawa Citizen

104 pages
Pub date: February 1, 2007