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Peter's Dream

Peter's Dream

Singer-songwriter Lennie Gallant and visual artist Karen Gallant are brother and sister who grew up in Rustico, Prince Edward Island. They were influenced by their surroundings in similar and profound ways, yet chose to channel their creativity through different media. Lennie and Karen have long dreamed of working together on a project and this wonderful book is the result. Peter's Dream is an opportunity for you to experience their respective visions through exciting pairings of lyric and image that will pull you into new worlds rich in drama, pathos, and celebration — as well as a healthy dose of East Coast lore. Rendered by two powerful and perceptive storytellers, these works were created over a lifetime of independent craftsmanship. But while preparing this book, both artists discovered that they have been unknowingly collaborating all along! Prepare to be moved and inspired by these talented siblings, now realizing their shared dream together.

Lennie Gallant is a native of the Acadian village of Rustico, Prince Edward Island. This prolific songwriter has recorded ten albums (eight in English and two in French), which have won him a host of awards and nominations from the JUNOs, the East Coast Music Awards, and Les Prix Eloizes. He has toured extensively, performing his music in many parts of the world, and even saw one of his albums go up to the international space station aboard the shuttle Endeavour with Canadian astronaut Julie Payette. He has been named to The Order of Canada, where it was said, "Gallant has garnered much respect for his songs which chronicle the lives of people dealing with tremendous adversity, and also celebrate the beauty of the East Coast lifestyle and landscape with their strong poetry and stirring narratives." Lennie has had his songs recorded by many artists and they have been featured in films, stage productions, and on television. He has long dreamed of working in collaboration with his sister Karen and is excited to be releasing this book with her.

Visual artist Karen Gallant is a proud daughter of Rustico, Prince Edward Island. She is owner of StudioInk Gallery above Gallant's Clover Farm, where her "of another world" creations are on display. Karen also gives life to canvases in her farm house studio above the rolling hills of Hunter River. Artwork by Karen Gallant is now found in many private collections across the region and around the world. Inspired by the elements and rhythm of the sea and Island — the land, its people, and their stories — Karen's art summosn the watchful spirits between worlds — ours and theirs. Working in acrylics and mixed media (often using found objects) Karen Gallant's pieces reveal the mysteriouis spark at the heart of Island tales which have been passed down from generations of natural observers and legendary storytellers.

"Lennie Gallant lyrically writes about Prince Edward Island and the spectrum of human experiences, while Karen Gallant brings to life the songs with her rich and colourful illustrations." — Journal Pioneer

108 pages
Pub date: December 2, 2014