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Esox Nobilior

Esox Nobilior

60 pages
Published:   January 1, 1978
Poetry  /  Fiddlehead Poetry
Paperback:   9780920110546    $5.95

Esox Nobilior is the zoological name of the muskelunge or the great northern pike, a symbol for Yates of the northern experience. Each poem in this incisive and evocative collection is named for a different spelling of muskelunge from many different languages. An exploration of matter and spirit and the role of consciousness, the book's elaborate structure will draw you in and stay with you.


Born in Missouri, J. Michael Yates was a long-time professor at the University of British Columbia. He was a poet, dramatist, fiction writer, and philosophical essayist. His other jobs included logger, motorcycle racer, broadcaster, advertising executive, photographer, publisher, prison guard, and SWAT team member..