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Amazing Medical Stories (eBOOK)

Amazing Medical Stories (eBOOK)

128 pages
Published:   April 8, 2003
Non-Fiction  /  Biography & Memoir
ePub:   9780864925503    $12.95

The twenty true tales in Amazing Medical Stories give a rich and entertaining picture of the ways in which medical workers (both real and fake) have used the keys to the mysterious kingdom of life: health, disease, and physical anomaly, birth, death, and post-mortem diagnosis. The stories run the gamut from tragedy to hilarity, from satisfaction of curiosity to evocation of terrible pity. Amazing Medical Stories deals with quacks and charlatans, the giants Angus McAskill and Anna Swan, the first case of antisocial personality disorder, as well as wonderous inventions and achievements by physicians.


Dr. George Burden is a general practitioner in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia. His stories on medical history appear frequently in The Medical Post, and he is also a contributor to The Reader's Digest, Stitches Magazine of Medical Humour, The Halifax Sunday Herald, and The St. John's Telegram.

Dorothy Grant worked as a registered nurse in Halifax and New York, and later turned to journalism. With consumer affairs as her beat, she became a Halifax radio and TV personality. In the 1990s, she did communications work for the Medical Society of Nova Scotia, and at the same time she published more than 60 articles in The Medical Post. Her byline is familiar to readers of Family Practice Magazine, The Canadian Medical Association Journal, and The Halifax Chronicle-Herald.


"Interesting... "The Physicians on Titanic," "The Undertakers and the Titanic Disaster," and "The Halifax Explosion: Taking Care of the Victims," these three compelling tales combined are reason enough to want to read this book." — The Titanic Historical Society

"Medical stories amaze, amuse." — The Chronicle Herald

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