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William Forrestall
William Forrestall
130 pages
Pub date: June 1, 2010
Rights: World
New Brunswick Museum
William Forrestall: Paintings and Drawings
William Forrestall offers some of the most interesting, painterly work in contemporary Canadian art. His growing body of unique, enigmatic still life paintings has been characterized as existing in a land between complete abstraction and realistic likeness, of being simultaneously real and unreal, of forging a link between this world and the next. This new book examines William Forrestall’s artistic development, from his first solo exhibition in 1986 to his most recent painting of 2009, offering the first comprehensive survey of his work. Featuring more than 40 images, including 28 colour reproductions of his egg tempera paintings, William Forrestall: Paintings and Drawings, published to coincide with a retrospective exhibition at the New Brunswick Museum, confirms Forrestall’s growing reputation in Canada and abroad.
“Forrestall’s intricate still lifes sparkle and hum like crystal . . . capturing not one perfect instant but thousands.” — R.M. Vaughan, The National Post
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