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Poetry Friday: "Tell Me How" by Daniel Scott Tysdal

For Poetry Friday, instead of an Easter-themed poem (as you might expect), we're going with a different occasion. A fauxccasion, actually.

In his collection Fauxccasional PoemsDaniel Scott Tysdal commemorates events that never occurred. Each poem is a tribute to such a fictional event, such as today's poem, "Tell Me How."

Reached via social media, Tysdal recalls the thought process behind this fauxcassional ode to Buddy Holly:

This is actually one of the few poems in Fauxccasional Poems that did not start as a fauxccasional poem. At the time I wrote it, my wife was living in Iowa City for a post-doc. On my way to visit her after months apart, this little boy on the flight exclaimed, "It's magic," sparking this poem for the love of my life. I wanted to include it in the book, but, since I had already included a love poem dedicated to my wife, I needed to give this one a "faux" frame. I went with the Buddy Holly angle because I really just liked the idea of him surviving.

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